No one dog can do it all but when it comes to all around ability and eagerness to please, none comes closer than the Doberman
Pinscher. Few breeds have served man
, and woman with more enthusiasm. The Doberman truly is a breed apart.

If you have adopted one of these noble creatures or are thinking of doing so, it is important that you know exactly what to expect  
having such a powerful, physically active and generally fearless animal under your charge, and that you understand exactly what is
expected of you as its master, best friend, teacher, and provider. One should thoroughly research the breed before bringing home an
animal that will depend on you to know what is best for it. You may find that the Doberman is not a breed for you. Are you living in
an apartment, mobile home, trailer? Then this is not the dog for you. Do you have small Children under five years old or expecting
soon? Again, this may not be the breed you are looking for. More often than not, Doberman Pinschers end up in shelters simply
because the owner thought leaving their infant child or toddler alone with their Doberman is a good idea and the child gets nipped.
The Doberman needs plenty of room for exercise and more than anything else a well fenced yard that is in good repair so as not to
give your new best friend the opportunity to get out and more than likely lost forever. For this reason you should also have your dog

Proper feeding and regular grooming is also essential. The Doberman Pinscher should be on a high quality, grain free diet. The food
should be soaked to prevent bloat, see our Dobie Health page for a link to identifying the symptoms of bloat. Every owner of a large
chested breed should know the signs as there is limited time to get your dog to a vet in order to save its life.

This website is for adoptions as well as helpful tips, advice, and reference for every owner of a Doberman Pinscher. With the proper
care, feeding, and quality of life, your Doberman can live a long, happy life dedicated to pleasing it's master. Our volunteers have over
100 years of combined Doberman Pinscher experience.
A 501(C)(3) corporation Dedicated to finding permanent and loving homes
for neglected,and/or abused Doberman Pinscher dogs.

Doberman Pinscher Rescue & Referral
of Michigan